Frequently Asked questions

If your questions are not answered here, you may contact me. 

My method is based on interaction/speaking with feedback and corrections. You will speak about topics relevant to you and your business and I will give you corrections to fix your mistakes in vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation so that you communicate in a more natural way. We will agree on a specific plan for your needs and goals when we meet the first time. 

Yes, I can help you practice and fine-tune your presentations and keynote speeches. I will help you fix mistakes in pronunciation and wording, and also give feedback and tips for more effective communication. 

These are personalized, 1-on-1 sessions and will be done to suit your needs and goals. So, in most cases, we will use a custom plan. However, I also have Business English and General English programs that we can use that are already prepared. 

After we have the demo session, you can continue with normal sessions by purchasing a package of sessions. Typically, people buy packages of 10 or 20 sessions. You may choose the frequency of meetings per month. 

I work with both individuals and companies. If you are interested in getting fluency sessions for your employees, please contact me with more details. 

English coaching is ideal for professionals who already can speak some English but want to take their English to the next level, gain more confidence and improve small mistakes. The goal is to gain more fluency, sound more professional and have more effective communication. 

Each session lasts 50 minutes. 

That will depend on your goals, availability and budget. Most people take 1-2 hours a week due to time constraints. If you want to see even faster results, taking 3+ hours per week will generally bring faster results. 

Each package is a total number of sessions/hours you get with your English coach. You can arrange to have sessions once a week, twice a week, etc. For example, if you take 1 session per week and buy 10 sessions, then it will last you approximately 10 weeks. If you take 2 sessions per week, then it will last 5 weeks. 

Packages expire after 12 months of the purchase or after 6 months of inactivity. If you “disappear” or stop the sessions, then they will expire 6 months after your last session was taken. 

There are many similarities, and English coaching does involve some teaching as well. The main difference is that a traditional English teacher focuses on getting the student to acquire and understand general information. On the other hand, an English coach will monitor your speaking and give you specific feedback to speak better, have good pronunciation and give advice about how to speak not only correctly, but also effectively. An English coach will challenge you to speak better and to say things in a natural and professional way, not only in a grammatically correct way. 

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