Is “storaging” a word? What is the difference between “store” and “storage”? Watch this short video to get the answer and improve your English.

Hi, I’m Joel. In this video I’m going to talk about the words: store, storage, and storaging.
But one of these words is not really a word.

Do you know which one it is?
All right, so, if you guessed that “storaging” is the incorrect word or that it’s not a real
word, then you are right.

So, only the words “store” and “storage” are real words. And this
is a common mistake that a lot of students make. They say, “storaging” which is wrong.

The verb is “store.” But the problem is that the word “store” is also a noun.

So, if you go to a building where you can buy products like a market, that is a store, so that’s the noun.

“I’m going to the store.”

But the word “store” has another meaning. It means to take something, like maybe canned
food and put it in a place and leave it there for a long period of time.

That is storing something. So I can say, “I have a hundred cans of beans, I am going to store them in my
storage room.” for example.

So, that’s the difficulty with that word, is that a lot of students say, “I am going to storage
my cans of beans.” which is wrong. “I am going to store my cans of beans.”

So, the word “storage” is a noun referring to the place where you store or keep the items, or
to the items themselves, that’s “storage.”

So, let’s recap. We have “store,” which can be a building where you go buy things, like a

And it can also be the verb, which is to put things away to keep them somewhere
for a long time, to use them as storage, and that brings us to “storage” the noun as well.

So, I hope that this was helpful and that now you understand that “storaging” is not a word,
just “store” and “storage.”

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