What does “cocky” mean in English? Learn how to use this slang correctly.

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Today’s word is “cocky.” Cocky means arrogant or overly confident.

So, this is a negative term.

If somebody says that you are cocky, it’s not a good thing.

It means that you are confident or arrogant to the extreme where you start to annoy other people or bother other people.

The word “confident” is a positive way to express the same thing, whereas cocky is a negative term when somebody is too confident.

Let’s look at some example sentences now:
“Most major athletes are very cocky. It annoys me.”

“That’s one thing I like about this president. He’s not cocky.”

“Why are you spending so much time with Aaron? He seems kind of cocky to me.”

“Stop acting so cocky. You’re not better than the rest of us.”

I hope that this helped and that now you can use the word “cocky” when you’re practicing your English

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