Make sure you’re using the word ‘enough’ correctly. Watch this short video to learn the correct way here.

In this video I want to help you sound a bit more fluent and natural when you’re speaking in English.

A lot of students have made a mistake with the word “enough.”

“Enough” is an adjective so it should go before a noun when you’re speaking.

For example: “I have enough time to do my homework.” Or, “I don’t have enough money to buy the phone.”

So, when you’re using this word make sure to put it before the noun, like in these examples.

If you don’t want to sound fluent and natural, then put it after the noun. That would be the mistake.

Now, I know that in some cases in maybe older English sometimes they may have switched it.

I’ve seen some quotes and other things, but in modern English it does not sound good.

So never say, “I don’t have money enough for the phone.” It doesn’t sound good.

The correct way is, “I don’t have enough money for the phone.”

Remember, if you’re using it with another adjective, then it is okay to have at the end. For example:

“She is pretty enough to be a model.”

“He is fast enough to play soccer.”

“They are good enough to win the game.”

So in these instances, obviously, “enough” can go at the end when it’s with another adjective.

All right, so I hope that this was helpful and that now you can sound a little bit more fluent when you’re speaking in English.

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