Learn the pronunciation of ‘fuel’ in this easy video. Check it out!

In this lesson I ‘m going to talk about a word that’s difficult for a lot of my students to pronounce,

especially for my Brazilian students.

The word is “fuel.” Now, “fuel” refers to something that you use to power a motor or an engine such as gasoline.

So, I can say, “I’m going to put some fuel in my car.”

Or, I could say that, “Fuel is expensive these days.”

Now, I want to give you a little trick to pronounce “fuel” correctly.

So, we all know the contraction for “you will,” it is “you’ll.” So, it has that “oo’ll… oo’ll… you’ll” sound.

Now, it’s similar when we pronounce the word “fuel,” except we will have the “f” in front of it.

So, it’s like (F+you’ll=fuel) “f” you’ll… “f” you’ll… “f” you’ll… “f” you’ll…“f” you’ll… “f” you’ll…”f” you’ll…fuel.

Okay, so if that helps, try thinking of “you’ll” and then adding an “f” before it, “f” you’ll”…fuel.

“I need to get some fuel to put in my car. Fuel is expensive now days.” Fuel.

All right, thanks for watching and I hope that this helps improve your pronunciation of the word “fuel.”

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