Is ‘get weight’ or ‘gain weight’ correct when you’re talking about how much you weight? Learn how they’re different here and how to use them. Check it out!

I was on vacation and I ate a lot of food.

After being on vacation and eating so much for one week, did I “get weight” or, did I “gain weight?”
Let me answer that question for you.

The correct way is to say, “I gained weight.”

If I increase in pounds or kilos, if I increase my weight, then I am gaining weight.

Not getting weight, I am gaining weight.

So, I could say:
“I gained 10 pounds during the Christmas holiday. I was eating a lot of food.”

“I don’t want to gain weight.”

“Have you seen Tim? I think he gained some weight.”

All right, so we gain weight.

Now this is a common mistake with a lot of students so be sure to not use “get.”

Not “get.” So, “I gained weight.”

And just so you know, the opposite of gaining weight is losing weight.

If you weighed 200 pounds and now you weight 50, I’m sorry, 150 pounds, then you lost 50 pounds.

So, to gain weight and to lose weight.

All right, I hope that this video was helpful and that you don’t make this mistake anymore.

I hoped you liked the video.

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