How do you pronounce “world”? What is the correct pronunciation?

In this short video, I’ll teach you an easy trick to pronounce “world” correctly!

One of the most common words that English students have trouble pronouncing is the word

“world.” I’m going to try to help you pronounce it better today in a quick and easy way.

Maybe a way you’ve never heard of before.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to take two other words that most students can

pronounce well.

The first word is “were” such as, “They were in France.”

And the second word is “old” such as, “I am thirty years old.”

So, what we are going to do is to take these two words and combine them together

“were/old.” Almost everyone can say these two words “were/old.”

The word “world” is basically these two words put together.

So, let’s say them a little bit faster “were/old, were/old, were/old.”

Now, completely together, “wereold, wereold, wereold.”

You see how they go together to form the word “world”?

“Wereold…world.” It sounds almost exactly the same.

You just have to combine them and say them a little bit faster, “were/old.”

All right, I hope that this helped you and that now you have an easy way to say this difficult

word, “world.”

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