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Do you pronounce the word “island” correctly?

From my experience teaching English,

I’ve noticed that a lot of students pronounce the word “island” incorrectly.

And that’s because the “s” is silent. It’s just like “eye-lend,” island.
So we pronounce the “i” the same way as like an eyeball, “eye” and then “land” or “lend.”

“Eye-lend, eye-lend”. So, the “s” is silent. Make sure you’re not pronouncing the “s.”

The wrong way is to say, “eye-zlend.” Some students say that, but “eye-zlend” is wrong.

So make sure you pronounce it with the silent “s.” “Eye-lend, eye-lend.”

All right, I hope this was helpful and that now you pronounce the word “island” correctly, when you’re
practicing your English.

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