What do ‘make fun’ and ‘have fun’ mean? How are they different? Learn the answer here and how to say it correctly. Learn it now!

Hi, this is Joel. In this video,

I’m going to talk about the difference between “make fun’ and “have fun.”

A lot of students get confused about these terms.

So, to make it easy for you, “to make fun” or “to make fun of someone” is to mock or ridicule that person.

Maybe you don’t know what these words are either, so I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say that I have a friend, James, and he is wearing a strange shirt.

I could make fun of James because of his shirt. I could say something like,

“That shirt looks like it’s from the 1950s.”

Or, “That shirt looks horrible.

Did you get it from the trash can?”

You know something like that. If you make fun of someone you are laughing…ha ha ha

…when you are putting someone else down.

So, I am laughing and having a good time while I am making my friend, James, feel bad. I am making fun of James.

And you can make fun of people for many reasons.

Stand-up comedians often make fun of other people.

Or, comedians in general, they make fun of other people. T

hey talk about other people in a negative way,

saying bad things about them or negative things about them, but it’s kind of in a funny way.

So they are making fun of those people.

Now on the other hand, (there’s an idiom) on the other hand, when you have fun,

it simply means that you are having a nice time, you are enjoying yourself.

For example, you can go to the movies and you can have fun.

You can have fun at the beach. It simply means that you had a nice time, you enjoyed yourself. “It was fun.”

Okay, so I hope that you understood my explanation,

and that now you know the difference between “making fun” and “having fun.”

I hoped you liked the video.

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