Are you making mistakes in English? Should you worry?

If you know how, making mistakes can HELP you improve your English. Find out here!

What I’m going to tell you today may surprise you,

but I’m here to tell you that as you’re learning English, you SHOULD make mistakes.

It’s good for you to make mistakes.

A lot of students get very upset with themselves and they feel very bad and they lose their motivation when they make mistakes.

But in fact, you should be happy when you make a mistake and you realize that you have made a mistake.


Because this means you can see where you failed and you can see the improvement that you need to make.

If we could not see our mistakes, then we would not know

where we need to improve and what new things we need to learn.

Or what things we need to change that we do when we’re speaking in English.

So, my advice to you is when you make a mistake and you become aware of that mistake, don’t get upset.

You should be glad, “Oh, thanks for telling me.

Okay, I’ll remember that. How can I remember that?”

And you can even write it down in a notebook or make a note of it somewhere to help you remember the correction.

So that your English actually gets better with every mistake.

So with every mistake you make, and you become aware of it, that’s the potential for your English to get better with every mistake.

If you continue making the SAME mistake over and over and over again, t

hen you need to look at your studying methods.

Maybe you might need to make some changes in how you try to remember the words

you’re learning and the corrections that you’re getting.

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