What does “deal with” mean in English? Learn how to use this phrasal verb correctly.

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In today’s lesson, we’re going to be talking about the phrasal verb “deal with.

” We’ll go through a few examples of how to correctly use this phrase.

The first example is to deal with people in business.

So you might say, “We only deal with the best clothing suppliers.”

That means that you only do business with people that have the highest quality goods.

You can also use the phrase “deal with” to talk about dealing with a problem or dealing with students.

For example: “The teacher always deals with his students in a fair way.”

Here’s another example. The child’s acting out and the mother may say,

“I need to deal with Johnny because he’s having an attitude.”

I hope you have a better understanding now of how to correctly use the phrasal verb “deal with.”

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