What does ‘only child’ mean? Make sure you’re using it correctly in this short video.

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Hi, I’m Joel. In this short video,

I’m going to talk about the term, “an only child” or, “only children.”

So, what do these terms mean?

Well, an only child is a child that has no siblings or, that has no brothers or sisters.

This can refer to biological brothers and sisters or adopted ones, it doesn’t matter.

So, let me give you a couple of example sentences:
“Usually, ‘only children’ are a little bit more spoiled than normal.”

“I grew up as an only child.”

“No, Tommy doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. He’s an only child.”

Okay, so, an only child is someone that has no brothers or sisters.

And if we want to refer to these people in general or to refer to more than one of them,

then we can say “only children.”

All right, I hope that you learned something new and that now you can use these terms

when you are practicing your English.

I hoped you liked the video.

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