Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor and in today’s lesson on phrasal verbs we’re

going to talk about the phrasal verb “sell out.”

When you hear the phrasal verb “sell out” the most common way of understanding this

word it to completely sell out of everything.

For example, the Subway restraurant made a bunch of cookies in the afternoon but by the

evening they had “sold out” of all the cookies that they made. So there are no more cookies

that are available at that time.

To “sell out” also has another meaning which has to do with betraying someone else’s trust.

For example, two criminals they steal a car and the police catch them. The police may offer

a deal to one of the criminals in exchange for information about another person or a group

of people. In that instance the person might “sell out” the people that the police want

information about. So that it’s to betray their trust and to give them over to the police.

All right, so “sell out” means to sell all of something, and “sell out” also has to do with

betraying someone or a group of people.

I hope you found this video lesson on “selling out” helpful and that you tune in again for

more lessons with Jessica.

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