What does ‘settle down’ mean? Learn how to use this phrasal verb now!

Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m an English tutor.

And in today’s lesson we’re going to talk about the phrasal verb “settle down.”

To settle down is most commonly associated with having a life that is more stable and calm.

This is also associated with people getting married.

For example: “Mark decides that he wants to settle down.

He asks his girlfriend to marry him.

They move away from the big city and go live in a suburb.

So they settle down.”

Now let’s say that there is another person who is very busy with school.

Maybe he is about to graduate or she is about to graduate

and they decide that they want to settle down and have a calmer life.

So they might say, “I’ve been really thinking about settling down a lot lately.”

“Settle down” can also be used to describe someone who needs to become less nervous or upset.

So let’s say that somebody stole a purse from another person at the grocery store.

The woman may become very upset. Someone might say, “Settle down, it’s okay.

We’re doing everything we can to help you.”

All right, well I hope you found this video lesson on phrasal verbs.

And the phrasal verb “settle down” helpful.

You tune in again for more lessons with Jessica.

Have a wonderful day! Bye!

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