Are you using the word ‘information’ in the correct way?

Make sure you’re using the word correctly. Check out this short explanation.

Hi, I’m Joel. In this video, I’m going to talk about a common mistake that a lot of my students have made.

The mistake is adding an “s” and trying to make “information” plural. All right?
So, “information” is already plural and uncountable.

So if I say, “I need more information”. I’m not talking about one little thing.

I’m talking about probably many things.

So, that’s why we say it’s plural but uncountable, because we never give a number with “information.”

So I am not going to say, “I need three informations” or “I need five informations.”

That’s wrong and it sounds very bad to a native speaker.

But you can say, “I need another piece of information”.

Or “The document provided several interesting pieces of information.”

This way is not so common, you won’t hear it very often, but you could say that if you want to make it countable.

But you make it countable by using the word “pieces.”

All right, so the most common ways of using “information” would be with “more” or “some” or just “the.”

“The information you provided is not enough.”

“I need more information.”

“Do you have some different information regarding this subject?”

All right, so I hope that this helped you and that now you will not make mistakes with the word “information.”

Thanks for watching.

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