How do you pronounce ‘taxes’ and ‘taxis’? What is the correct pronunciation?

Watch this video to learn how to pronounce ‘taxis’ and ‘taxes’ correctly!

In this lesson, I’m going to help you pronounce the words “Taxis” and “Taxes” correctly.

Now, a taxi or the plural, taxis, is a cab or one of those yellow cars you often see in New York or in other cities that take you from one place to another.

The word “taxi” exists in many languages, not just English. And “taxes” is the money that you have to pay to the government – the money that you pay based on how big your salary is.

What’s the difference in pronunciation?

Both have the same sound for the first syllable: TAxis and TAxes. It’s the same a sound as in the word “apple.”

But for the second syllable, it’s different. The second syllable of “taxes” sounds like the word “is” – the same i sound as the word “with”

With “taxis,” the second syllable has the same sound as the word “bees” (without the B of course).

Please watch the video above to hear the sounds for yourself.

If you need further help with your pronunciation, feel free to contact me about private lessons on Skype. Have a great day!

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