Don’t make this mistake! React properly after someone sneezes.

Here you’ll learn what to say after someone else sneezes.

Hi, I’m Joel…

What I just did (in the video) is called “sneezing” or a “sneeze.”

After somebody sneezes, the appropriate thing to say is, “Bless you.”

Or, the long version would be, “God bless you.”

Usually we say it in the short way – Bless you.

The reason I’m making this video is because when I’m giving classes on Skype,

sometimes I sneeze, and probably half of the students don’t even know they should say “Bless you.”

Many of them don’t say anything, or some of them say, “cheers” or something like that.

So remember, the correct thing to say after someone sneezes is “Bless you.”

So that’s it for today – a nice easy lesson in American culture and in English as well.

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Thanks and have a great day!

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