Hi, I’m Joel. Recently I was a little bit sick. I had a bit of a cough.

So, I was giving my classes on Skype and occasionally I would cough.

So a couple of my students noticed and they were asking me if I was sick.

And I said, “Oh, just a little bit. I just have a little cough. It’s not a big deal.”

And they tried to say something to me about that, but they didn’t really know how to say it.

So, I’m going to show you three easy phrases or sentences you can say to someone who is a

little bit sick. You know if they have a cold or a cough, something minor. This would be

different if they have a long term illness like cancer, or something like that.

So, take a look at these phrases right here:

“Get well soon.” This is probably the simplest thing you can say. “Get well soon.”

Three simple words.

Next, “(I) hope you get well soon.” You can also leave out the “I” if you want and simply

say, “Hope you get well soon.”

And next, “(I) hope you feel better (soon).” Once again, here you can leave out either the

“I” or the “soon” here. So you could also say, “Hope you feel better soon.”

Or simply, “Hope you feel better.”

All right, there you go. Three simply and easy things that you can say when someone is

sick with something minor, or like a cold or a cough.

All right, I hope that this lesson was helpful and that now you can speak a little bit more

like a native speaker.

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