What does ‘siblings’ mean in English? Learn what a ‘sibling’ is and how to use this word correctly.

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Do you know what a “sibling” is?

A lot of students ask me, “What does sibling mean?”

Well, basically, sibling is just kind of a formal way of saying “brother” or “sister.”

Now, if I use the word “sibling,” I am not giving any information about the sex of the person, whether it’s a boy or girl.

It’s not important. It doesn’t matter. So if I say, “I have two siblings” –

This information is unrelated to whether I have two brothers or two sisters.

It could be two brothers or two sisters or one brother and one sister. It doesn’t really matter for the situation here.

Let me give you some examples now:

“I have three siblings.”

“She has two siblings.”

“I don’t have any siblings.”

“The police want to question the siblings of the suspect.”

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